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    Where is Miyaichi, Arsenal’s former junior talent – He was able to get a work permit, thanks to the exception for exceptional talent, but only made one appearance in the Premier League.

    Before coming to Arsenal, Ryo Miyaichi was compared to Ronaldinho and Lionel Messi. The Japanese player, who broke his cruciate ligaments three times in the intervening 10 years, is lucky to still be able to continue his career.

    Miyaichi, whose father was a professional basketball player in Japan, attracted attention from an early age and was transferred to Arsenal by legendary coach Arsene Wenger after graduating from high school.

    However, a serious injury in North London prevented him from becoming one of the greatest players of his generation.

    In fact, the European adventure had begun promisingly. Miyaichi, who signed his first professional contract with Arsenal in January 2011, was loaned to Feyenoord even though he was only 14 years old.

    Where is Miyaichi, Arsenal's former junior talent?

    His talents in 12 matches with the Rotterdam team earned him the nickname ‘Ryodinho’ in the Dutch media.

    In the summer of 2011, as a result of the efforts of Arsenal and the Japan Football Association, he was recognized as an ‘extraordinary talent’ and was granted a work permit in the UK.

    It wasn’t hard to understand why he was seen that way.

    He showed his great dribbling skills, speed and self-confidence both in Arsenal infrastructure and in the 2009 U17 World Cup, where he represented Japan.

    Towards the end of his 2011/12 loan season with Bolton, Miyaichi’s excitement was at its peak.

    Despite his team’s relegation from the Premier League, Miyaichi performed impressively and was named Bolton’s best player of the month in February.

    The press would soon brand him the ‘new Messi’.

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    But that’s when the nightmare of injury started. Miyaichi, who was loaned to Wigan in 2012/13, closed the season with an ankle injury after only four games.

    While Wigan reached the happy ending in the FA Cup, Miyaichi was content to watch this happy moment on TV.

    Like many players who had a bad loan period or suffered injuries, Miyaichi was forgotten in his original home, Arsenal.

    It was a logical move for Arsenal that he was loaned to two Lancashire teams struggling to get used to the toughness. But physical strength was not among the abilities that made him look like Messi. The weak Miyachi was eventually pushed out of the Premier League.

    After a season with the Arsenal reserve team, he was loaned to Dutch team Twente, but failed to contribute a goal there. Then Arsenal released him.

    2. Struggling in the Bundesliga. Miyaichi, who signed with Pauli, chose 13 as his jersey number. It didn’t take long for the bad luck to show itself. One week before the 2015/16 season, he tore his left knee cruciate ligament and made his debut in Germany only nine months later.

    Although he managed to gain a place in the rotation the next season, he suffered the same ligament injury in the right knee this time in the summer of 2017 and was out of the field for a season.

    st. It was unfortunate that he only played 90 minutes once in his first three seasons with Pauli.

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