Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

    Shakira hired detectives to monitor Pique’s nightlife –

    Shakira and Pique are expected to meet these days to ease the tension between them.

    Shakira and Piqué broke up with an official statement, ending their twelve-year relationship. Many cited the reason behind the breakup as Pique’s infidelity to Shakira.

    The famous singer allegedly hired several detectives to spy on Piqué’s nightlife. However, it was revealed that the spies had betrayed Shakira.

    Popular Spanish television show El Gordo y la Flaca revealed that the agency leaked information to the media about Piqué’s alleged infidelity.

    Shakira hired detectives to monitor Pique's nightlife

    This situation disrupted the separation plans of the couple. Although Shakira’s agency released the official statement, according to the latest information, there would normally be no consensus between the couple.

    The information has emerged recently. Piqué was offended by his ex-partner’s circle as it tarnished his public image.

    The two of them are expected to meet these days to ease the tension between them. They also do not want their two children to be affected by the situation.

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    Shakira has plans to leave Spain and start a new life in Miami. Meanwhile, Piqué has been living alone in a small flat for the past few weeks.

    Description of Shakira by Chris Evans
    In the midst of these reports, Chris Evans was also involved in this breakup. The actor was asked about his possible relationship with Shakira. She said that Shakira can rebuild her life now and may not be the main focus of a relationship.

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