Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

    UEFA’s annual congress will take place on 1 May in Vienna. One of the main agenda items of the Board will be about the Champions League format.

    There has been some controversy over the format of the Champions League for some time now. UEFA President Ceferin gave signals that it could be the ‘Final Four’ for the tournament, which was played with a single match elimination method during the pandemic process.

    Nasser Al Khelaifi, President of PSG and the European Club Association, also recently talked about the idea of ​​the final four.

    Revolutionary decision from UEFA for the Champions League: Final Four

    The Times wrote that this idea is taking shape and could be the first of potential changes to the tournament that are already on the table.

    What will the Final Four be like?
    If the change takes place, the semi-final round played in the Champions League will become history.

    Manchester United need to save their honor

    Continuing on their way after the quarter-finals in the tournament, the 4 teams will play the Final Four in the previously determined city. The single match will be played in the elimination method, but after the semi-finals, the winning teams will advance to the final and the winner will become the owner of the Champions League.

    With this method, UEFA expects to increase the attractiveness of the tournament and increase both commercial and television revenues.

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