Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

    Quadruple tournament plan from UEFA – The idea of ​​the final four, which has been on the agenda for a while, has been revived with the pre-season tournament format.

    UEFA plans to organize a pre-season tournament that will bring the four teams that had the best place in the Champions League the previous season against each other.

    According to the AP’s report; The address of the tournament, which is expected to be held outside of Europe, will most likely be the United States.

    How did the idea come about?

    UEFA, which wanted to move to a four-final system that would bring together four teams in a single location by removing the double-match semi-finals in the Champions League, took a step back in this idea.

    Quadruple tournament plan from UEFA

    Due to the pandemic in 2020, the quarter-finals and semi-finals played over a single match were seen as a prototype of this system.

    Due to the travel barriers created by Covid, the Portuguese city of Lisbon hosted the last eight and the last four struggles two years ago.

    However, since there were no spectators in the stadiums at that time, the problems that could be caused by gathering the supporters of four different teams in a single city did not give UEFA a headache.

    Turned into the pre-season tournament

    The tournament, which will bring together the best four teams in Europe, will provide a test for future plans for the final four.

    The choice of the USA to host is mostly based on economic reasons. There is a cooperation between UEFA and Relevant Sports, which organizes the preparation tournament called the International Champions Cup.

    Phoenix Suns and Heat take the lead in the series

    Relevant Sports is headed by Stephen Ross, who also owns the American football team Miami Dolphins. Ross holds the broadcast and marketing rights in the US from 2024-27 of the Champions League.

    It will add color to the Champions League

    Starting from 2024, the group stage of the Champions League will be played in a single group of 36 teams instead of eight groups of four teams.

    UEFA will invite teams that have completed the group stage of the Champions League in the top four places to the pre-season four tournaments.

    Thus, it is aimed that the teams that guarantee to go to the next round will continue to fight for the top four until the last game.

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