Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

    PSG forward Mauro Icardi responds to criticism – The Argentinian actor seems to be tired of the criticism directed at him.

    Mauro Icardi described the criticisms directed at him by the Italian media as “shit” and left his mark on the agenda with this speech.

    The South American player faces fierce competition to play for PSG, the presence of compatriot Lionel Messi along with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe has resulted in him starting in the starting 11 in just 10 Ligue 1 games.

    He played 30 games in total and was able to score five goals in the 2021-22 season.

    In Gazzetta dello Sport, it was reported that PSG was looking for a team for Icardi in the summer, while it was claimed that the 29-year-old player is now living a “dream life and a stable career”.

    PSG forward Mauro Icardi responds to criticism

    How did Icardi respond to its critics?
    The former Inter star reacted angrily to the news in Italy, posting a stern message on Instagram: “I’m in Africa, you decide where to take my vacation next year if you want.

    “Like every year, you do a lot of shitty news and you talk shit. The same thing happened when I scored 30 goals in a season. Is my career progressing steadily?

    “I have two more years left on my contract.

    “I don’t think my career is stable like this shitty proposition. I’m 29 years old, don’t worry I scored 200 goals, I think everyone knows me well enough.

    “I decided to stay and make myself fit. A big thank you and sending a big hug to all my friends from Africa who show more respect to gorillas, lions and more. See you soon.”

    Icardi’s performance at PSG
    The Ligue 1 champion signed him from Inter for 60 million euros in 2019. In his first season, he scored 20 goals in 34 games and showed that he is a good transfer, pleasing PSG.

    However, since then he has not been able to reach the desired level and his career has been on the decline.

    Icardi only scored five goals last season and 13 in 2020-21.

    On the other hand, the Argentine player has 173 club goals in his career. Previously at Inter, he scored 124 goals in six years, scoring once in eight matches for his country.

    PSG has a lot of good offensive players and plans to add some reinforcements in the future.

    Despite the French team’s transfer plans, Icardi, which has attracted England’s attention in the past, is in no hurry for a new challenge.

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