Wed. Aug 10th, 2022

    Confession of Barcelona veteran Gerard Pique: “Messi made me cry”

    He made statements about the world-famous defender Lionel Messi and his former coach Pep Guardiola.

    Barcelona’s experienced defender Gerard Pique said that he cried after Lionel Messi, with whom he had been a teammate since youth, left the team.

    Pique stated that he was shaken by the departure of Messi, who could not make a new contract due to the financial problems Barcelona had, and that he understood the decision taken despite this.

    Messi made me cry

    Pique, who was a guest of his teammate Gary Neville’s YouTube program The Overlap from the time he played for Manchester United, underlined that Messi is the best in history.

    “It would have been great if Messi had stayed at the club until the end of his career. I cried for him when he left Barcelona. I can see why he didn’t.

    Quadruple tournament plan from UEFA

    “The club was suffering a lot economically because of the way the ex-president ran the club. These are situations that you may face in life. Sometimes you make a decision but things don’t work out. Messi was like a god to Barcelona and Barcelona fans. He is the best player in history and played a leading role in winning many trophies but Even Messi wouldn’t be enough if we didn’t have a good team.

    “A single player can never win a championship.”

    About Guardiola

    “He’s a very smart coach who understands the game better than I’ve ever seen before. He gives you all the information to be ready for any situation in the match.

    “He gives great importance to the opponent’s analysis and tells what the opponent can do. After all these preparations, you feel completely ready, no matter who will play against you. He touches the hearts of the players in his locker room conversations. He uses the right words every time.

    “Guardiola is a manager in the locker room who creates big challenges and can feel great emotions”

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