Tue. Jan 31st, 2023

    Manchester United won’t be in the top 10 if Cristiano Ronaldo leaves – The legend, who likened Old Trafford to a ‘graveyard’, criticized defensive management mistakes.

    Gary Neville, who said that the team turned into a graveyard due to wrong transfers, claimed that Manchester United would not be able to finish in the top 10 of the Premier League if Cristiano Ronaldo was sold.

    Making a terrible start to the 2022/23 season, the Red Devils anchored at the bottom of the league with their defeats to Brighton and Brentford.

    Known for his candid comments on United’s moves, Neville made a prediction this time that would frighten the fans of the Manchester team.

    Manchester United won't be in the top 10 if Cristiano Ronaldo leaves

    Can Manchester United have the luxury of losing Cristiano Ronaldo?

    At the beginning of the GOAL transfer window, it was learned that the Portuguese star wanted to leave the club. The 37-year-old wants to continue his career with a team in the Champions League.

    Speaking to Sky Sports, Neville stated that the Ronaldo issue has become inextricable and could put United in a worse situation.

    “There is a huge decision to be made regarding Cristiano Ronaldo if they send it or not.”

    “I said before these two defeats that the best option was to kick Ronaldo off the team. But the problem is that if they send him now, there will be no one to score.”

    “If they can’t sign in the coming weeks or if bad players are mentioned and Ronaldo loses, they could finish outside the top 10.”

    “United is not a top 10 team. It’s an ambitious statement and I might look stupid for saying that at the end of the season.”

    Mikel Arteta will be in trouble

    “United may be able to bounce back and get through this season in the next few months, but the team is going through its most tumultuous time since they were relegated in 1974.”

    Transfer failures of the last 10 years

    Neville continued his speech by targeting the Glazer family, which is the owner of the club, and the wrong decisions made in the transfer.

    “Manchester United has been going back and forth between different managers and strategies for 10 years. It’s a huge problem.”

    “We looked at the big signings over the last 10 years. £1.25 billion has been spent on these players, but there are only two names that are worth their money. One is Bruno Fernandes and the other is Zlatan Ibrahimovic.”

    “75% of transfers fail. 20% are neutral and only 5% are successful. Looking at the big picture, it’s a disaster.”

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