Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

    Manchester United legend Gary Neville, who is now a commentator for Sky Sport, said that the Dutch coach should not be pressured for several years to achieve success.
    Sky Sport commentator Neville said Manchester United need to save their honor before the trophies. “The current situation for Manchester United is unacceptable. To be honest, I wouldn’t put too much pressure on Eric ten Hag for a year or two to win the trophy. Ten Hag He has a lot of work to do to bring the club back to minimum standards and to restore faith and trust. After that he can consider winning trophies. It took Jurgen Klopp five years to win the Premier League title and he did a fantastic job. Manchester United looks a million miles away from them ‘ he said.

    Manchester United need to save their honor before the trophies

    “The players don’t want to play football”

    Gary Neville has also warned of the long-term impact of heavy defeats on Manchester United players after they have won just four of their last 14 games.

    Neville said: “The players have completely lost their trust and faith. “There is no place to hide at the club. Eric ten Hag has a lot of big work to do. He must first decide who should stay on the teams right now and then re-create the atmosphere of trust and belief. Then the spirit in the locker room can start to rise again.”

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    Gary Neville expects interim manager Ralf Rangnick to make a strong decision about who should stay on the current roster for next season and who will leave.

    “Manchester United have transitioned to different philosophies over the course of 10 years. There have been moments where I believe they are on the right track but the situation they are in now looks worrying. Rangnick has had four or five months to evaluate the locker room. Eric ten Hag on who he should get rid of. I’m sure he’ll make some pretty accurate speeches to , and ten Hag will believe it too.”

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