Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

    Manchester City become Premier League champions – The excitement lasted until the last minute in the breathtaking season, the championship once again went to Manchester City.

    Manchester City, who made a great comeback against Aston Villa and won 3-2, took the lead in the championship race carried to the last week of the Premier League.

    Ilkay Gundogan changed the fate of the match for Manchester City, who entered the last 20 minutes behind 2-0 with goals from Matty Cash and Philippe Coutinho.

    Manchester City become Premier League champions

    İlkay, who was included in the game in the 69th minute, carried his team to the championship with the goals he scored in 76 and 81. City’s other goal was scored by Rodri in the 78th minute.

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    Liverpool is not enough to win
    Liverpool, who fell back 1-0 in the third minute against Wolverhampton; Mane took the win with goals from Salah and Robertson, but Klopp and his students were content with second place as City also won.

    Manchester City, the sixth-time Premier League champion in its history, has risen to the top of English football for the fourth time in five years.

    With this victory, Guardiola and his team also shattered Liverpool’s dreams of realizing the historic quadruple. Lifting the FA Cup and League Cup and reaching the finals in the Champions League, Liverpool continued to fight for the Premier League title until the last moment.

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