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    Gianluca Prestianni is a new Messi – Lionel Messi is a unique football player. His genius is unmatched in the modern game, and it takes a truly special player to replicate the individual rewards he’s amassed throughout his career. But there is one thing he shares with other players, especially players from his home country of Argentina: his nickname.

    Messi has been known as ‘La Pulga (The Flea)’ since he topped Newell’s Old Boys before joining Barcelona. It’s a common nickname given to players in South America to describe small, talented, and difficult forwards whose movements are almost incomprehensible.

    And the latest player to be given this nickname could wear Messi’s number 10 jersey for the Argentina national team in the coming years.

    Gianluca Prestianni is a new Messi

    Although Gianluca Prestianni just turned 16 in January, Europe’s biggest clubs are interested in him, including Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Chelsea and AC Milan.

    Velez became the youngest player in Sarsfield’s history. He made his debut against Estudiantes in the Copa Libertadores in May, coming from the reserve. Prestianni has everything to become a true superstar.

    Born in the city of Ciudadela in Greater Buenos Aires, Prestianni began his football training with the local team at a young age. He was then spotted by the Velez scouts.

    He started training in the team that raised names such as Diego Simeone, Nicolas Otamendi and Jonas Gutierrez. It soon became clear that Prestianni was too good to play with kids his own age.

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    He used to dominate games while playing on the left wing. While effective in the narrow field, he often tended to go in with the ball. In addition, when he found a large area, his opponent was almost torn to pieces.

    Although he has not found much time in the A team so far, he continues to improve in the second team.

    Describing Prestianni’s development, Guillermo Morigi, Velez’s youth coordinator, says: “We train them so they can continue to exceed expectations”

    “In Gianluca’s case, we saw that he was physically ready to play in the reserves and he was performing well, so it was an interesting idea. He kept it that way even though he still had a lot to learn. He’s quite eager.”

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