Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

    Fixing in Africa – The scenario of a match played in South Africa caused surprise with its far from reality.

    While incredible moments were experienced in a football match played in South Africa, those who watched the match and later learned the score were completely shocked.

    Continuing to fight for promotion to a higher league, Matiyasi FC defeated Nsami Mighty Birds 59-1, there was a very remarkable point in the match.

    Because 41 of 59 goals scored by Matiyasi came from the feet of the opposing team players.

    Before the match, it was very difficult for Matiyasi to stay in the league and they literally needed a miracle.

    Matiyasi played an almost impossible game for them to qualify for the ABC Motsepe League (South African second division).

    However, after the match started, the miraculous score emerged.

    Fixing in Africa

    What happened?
    Third place in the league, home team Matisayi needed 18 different victories in the Nsami Mighty Birds match.

    The South African team managed to defeat their rival Nsami Birds with an incredible score.

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    Matiyasi defeated Nsami Mighty Birds 59-1 to achieve a score that was a miracle to be seen on the pitch.

    And of the 59 goals Matiyasi scored, 41 were own goals by Nsami Mighty Birds players.

    4 teams banned
    Upon this result, football officials in the country took the match under investigation after the match.

    As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that match-fixing was made in the match.

    As a result, the African authorities decided to ban both teams from all competitions for life.

    On the other hand, another interesting story was the match-fixing in the other match of the qualifiers.

    Shivulani Dangerous Tigers, the other team in the league with the same score as Matiyasi FC and with a higher goal average, won the match against Kototo Happy Boys 33-1, and that match was also investigated.

    And when it was determined that the Happy Boys players had scored 7 own goals, both teams were banned for life.

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