Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

    Former German tennis player Boris Becker has been sentenced to 2.5 years in prison in the case of his bankruptcy in England.

    Becker arrives at Southwark Crown Court in London wearing a dark green and purple striped tie, the colors of the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.

    At the hearing on April 8, Becker’s lawyer, Jonathan Laidlaw, who was found guilty on 4 charges, including concealment of debt and non-declaration of property under the Bankruptcy Act, requested a postponement of the sentence at the hearing.

    Noting that the 54-year-old Becker is in “financial difficulties,” Laidlaw said, “This defendant has literally lost everything. He has already paid a heavy price as a result of mishandling his financial affairs and also breaking the rules.” said.

    2.5 years in prison for tennis legend Boris Becker!

    “He has no future”

    Arguing that Becker literally had “nothing”, Laidlaw said, “This is nothing but tragedy. It is not just disgrace, but the most overt humiliation. The extent of his suffering is that no other bankrupt person in this country is likely to experience it.” “A penalty. He has no future. These (financial) transactions have destroyed his career, any prospect of future income. He will not be able to find a job and will have to rely on the good deeds of others if he survives.” he said.

    – “You have no regrets”

    At the end of the trial, Becker was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison.

    Referring to Becker’s previous conviction, Judge Deborah Taylor said: “You did not take into account the warning given to you and the chance that the suspended sentence offered you. This is a significant aggravating factor.” said.

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    Saying that she “takes into account what is defined as disgrace,” Taylor said, “You lost your career, reputation and all your property as a result of your bankruptcy. (However) you didn’t show any remorse, you didn’t admit your guilt. Although I admit that you were humiliated as part of the lawsuits, I didn’t see any humility.” he said.

    Becker is expected to serve 15 months, half of his sentence, in prison.

    – Case

    After the German tennis player’s bankruptcy in June 2017, it was determined that he sent hundreds of thousands of pounds from his business account to some accounts, including the accounts of his ex-wife and his estranged wife.

    Becker was also found guilty of failing to declare a property in Germany and hiding his stake in a technology firm with a bank loan of 825,000 euros.

    Becker, who was acquitted of 20 other charges at the hearing on April 8, denied the allegations and argued that he cooperated with the trustees tasked with securing his assets and acted in accordance with expert recommendations.

    Stating that his bankruptcy was due to a loan of 4.6 million euros from a private bank in 2013 and a loan of approximately 1.6 million dollars from a British businessman in 2014, Becker said that the $ 50 million earnings he earned during his career were spent on payments for an expensive divorce and post-retirement debts. He claimed he was leaving.

    It was stated that the verdict against Becker will be announced on April 29 and that he could face up to 7 years in prison.

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