Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

    19-year-old Alcaraz made history – In the men’s singles semi-finals of the open tennis tournament held in Madrid, the capital of Spain, Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz, defeated the world’s number 1 Serbian Novak Djokovic 2-1 and reached the final. The 19-year-old tennis player, who eliminated Nadal in the quarter-finals, became the first tennis player to beat the two names consecutively in the same tournament.

    Alcaraz lost the first set 7-6 against Djokovic, whom he faced for the first time in his career, and won the other sets 7-5 and 7-6.

    Alcaraz managed to defeat the Serbian tennis player with his successful play, especially in short balls, in the match that lasted 3 hours and 35 minutes.

    19-year-old Alcaraz made history

    Having won the ATP in Barcelona two weeks ago, Alcaraz also eliminated Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals.

    The young Spaniard became the first tennis player to defeat the bests in the tennis world, Djokovic and Nadal, in one tournament in a row.

    Alcaraz, which is 9th in the world classification, is 7th in the classification of the tournament in Madrid.

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    In the statements made by the two tennis players before the match, Alcaraz said, “One of the best in tennis history in my opinion. What they have accomplished is incredible. You can only admire.” then Djokovic said, “The world’s number one for my son is Alcaraz right now.” had spoken.

    In Madrid, the other finalist will be the winner of the match between the Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas and the German Alexander Zverev.


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