Organization Committee

The Organization committee is responsible for the general administrative tasks of the corporations and accounts for 15% ($218,500.00) of the overall budget. These tasks may include the oversight of staff, contracts, corporate finances and insurance, development of budgets, scheduling of Board meetings, Board elections, as well as the creation and enforcement of bylaws and policies. Relations with other CBDs, political representatives, and public agencies are also handled through this committee. The ORG committee consists of the officers of the corporations including the President, Vice President, Secretary, and the Treasurer.

Minutes and Agendas    
January 6th Agenda Minutes
February 25th Agenda Minutes
March 27th Agenda Minutes
July 24th Agenda Minutes
September 11th Agenda Minutes to come
January 7th Agenda Minutes
July 31st Agenda Minutes
Click here for 2012 ORG agendas and minutes
Click here for 2011 ORG agendas and minutes
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SOBO Committee
The Sidewalk Order and Beautification Ordinance (SOBO) Committee accounts for 59% ($837,835.00) and is responsible for all beautification projects, as well as the implementation of our Clean and Safe program. With the help of the District Services Coordinator, this committee oversees all service providers and employees involved in the maintenance and improvement of the public rights of way. We contract with Block by Block for our security services and Peralta Service Corporation for our maintenance services. In total we hire 27 Ambassadors that are out
on the streets of Uptown Oakland Monday through Saturday. CBD relations with OPD, BART, and AC Transit are built and maintained through this committee.


Agendas and Minutes    
February 6th Agenda Minutes
April 16th Agenda Minutes
June 18th Agenda Minutes
August 27th Agenda Minutes to come
November 5th Agenda  
January 23rd Agenda Minutes
April 17th Agenda Minutes
July 10th Agenda Minutes
August 21st Agenda Minutes
October 16th Agenda Minutes
December 18th Agenda Minutes



Click here for 2012 SOBO agendas and minutes
Click here for 2011 SOBO agendas and minutes
Click here for 2010 SOBO agendas and minutes
Click here for 2009 SOBO agendas and minutes

DISI Committee
The District Identity and Streetscape Improvement (DISI) Committee accounts for 09% ($125,000.00) of our annual budget and is responsible for all marketing and promotional projects in our district. All events and publicity are managed through this committee. This includes our monthly email the CBD Spotlight, our quarterly newsletter, and the design and maintenance of our district websites. In 2009 the DISI committee planned and organized Uptown Unveiled. The DISI committee also sponsors various events in the districts, most notably of which include our annual contribution to the Art and Soul festival, First Fridays, Mid Oak Arts, and Oakland's Annual Holiday Parade. This committee is also responsible for public space development projects, which often are delegated to Tasks Forces.

Agendas and Minutes    
July 17th Agenda Minutes to come
January 24th Agenda Minutes
February 28th Agenda Minutes
March 28th Agenda Minutes
April 25th Agenda Minutes
May 23rd Agenda Minutes
June 27th Agenda Minutes
July 25th Agenda Minutes
August 22nd Agenda Minutes
September 26th Agenda Minutes
October 24th Agenda Minutes
November 21st Agenda Minutes to come


Click here for 2012 DISI agendas and minutes
    Click here for 2011 DISI agendas and minutes
      Click here for 2010 DISI agendas and minutes
      Click here for 2009 DISI agendas and minutes

Land Use Committee

The Land Use Committee was created to address issues and concerns surrounding land use in the districts. These issues may include all matters related to parking, transportation, mixed use developments, FARs, Community Plan, and review of new construction and its impacts.

Agenads and Minutes
March 2nd Agenda Minutes
March 14th Agenda Minutes
April 6th Agenda Minutes
September 9th Agenda Minutes
November 18th Agenda Minutes

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Please see below the budgets of each committee as well as the agendas and mintues of all meetings. If you would like a hard copy or have an issue accessing these documents please contact our office at or 510-452-4529.

Agendas are posted here and with the City of Oakland 72 business hours prior to each meeting. Please note that minutes are not posted until they have been approved. Approval of minutes occurs at the following meeting.
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