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The Paramount Theatre

The Paramount Theatre is one of the finest remaining examples of Art Deco design in the

United States. Designed by renowned San Francisco architect Timothy L. Pflueger and completed in late 1931.
It was one of the first depression-era buildings to incorporate and integrate the work of numerous creative artists into its architecture and is particularly noteworthy for its successful orchestration of the various artistic disciplines into an original and harmonious whole.
After its initial brief blaze of "movie palace" glory in the 1930's, this remarkable auditorium suffered three decades of neglect and decline until its rescue by the Oakland Symphony, the City of Oakland and numerous private donors. The building was purchased by the Board of Directors of the Oakland Symphony Orchestra Association in 1972. A painstaking and authentic restoration was completed in 1973 and the theatre was entered in the National Register of Historic Places on August 14th of that year. The Paramount Theatre became a California Registered Historic Landmark in 1976, and on May 5, 1977, was declared a National Historic Landmark.
Restored to its original splendor, meticulously maintained, and fully upgraded to modern technical standards, the Paramount now serves all the arts. The Paramount Theatre is the home of the Oakland East Bay Symphony as well a year-round schedule of popular music concerts, variety shows, theatre, and - of course - movies.


Built in 1925 in the Late Beaux-Arts style of architecture, the Latham building evokes a period of classical Roman Architecture. The 14-story, 130,000 square foot building offers extraordinary art deco detailing, and consists exclusively of professional offices suites.
Latham serves a dynamic niche by catering to the unique growth needs of non-profit organizations and professional offices. Specifically, Latham accommodates expansion with offices ranging from 250 to 15,000 square feet. Large suites with incredible lighting and open views make Latham a first-rate office facility.

Historically, Latham has been the scene of some notable events. Most markedly, the property was the scene of the Oakland General Strike of 1946, when over 100,000 workers across industries banned together to protest poor working conditions. In December of 2008 a crew of labor organizers and artist gathered at Latham to reenact the historical protest. Latham also hosts quarterly art exhibits.

Located near the intersection of Broadway and Telegraph Avenue, Latham is nestled between the high-rise buildings of City Center, and the burgeoning Uptown arts and entertainment district. Latham is just a block away from the 19th Street Bart Station.



The Fox Theater

After closing its doors forty-three years ago, the Fox Theater is reopened in February 2009 with a run of performances by world-reknowned acts. The $75mm renovation project features a
state-of-the-art theater with flexible capacity
from 1,500 to 2,800.
The FOX theater's wrap around building is the permanent home of the Oakland School for the Arts, a tuition-free charter school dedicated to artistic and academic excellence. By night, the theater offers premier ground floor bars and restaurants that open out to a courtyard of trees, benches, and newly widened sidewalks. The theater itself serves as the flagship live music venue for Another Planet Entertainment, well known for bringing outstanding live entertainment to the Greek Theatre, The Independent, Paramount Theatre, Oracle Arena and other popular Bay Area venues. The reopening of the FOX theater has spurred a slew of new developments in the Uptown District. The FOX Theater, with it's breathtaking architecture is a centerpiece of the neighborhood and truly a financial anchor of the newly revitalized Uptown District.


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